Sunday, January 26, 2014

What to See on VOD

By popular demand I am adding a post on what to see and what to avoid on Amazon On Demand, Comcast XFinity on Demand, iTunes, and an assortment of other sources for all those obscure titles that pop up on Video on Demand.  Most people I know don't go to the movies much.  They prefer to watch in the comfort of their own home, and I don't blame them.  But if you're the adventurous type that likes to try to find those hidden gems on your own, beware.  Most of those obscure titles are obscure for a reason.  Yet I love looking for the oyster with the pearl, so below are my reviews of all the films I've seen recently on Video on Demand.  But I encourage you make use of my Best of 2013 By Genre for better new releases up your alleyAnd of course you could (and should) always go back a bit to revisit my Best Films of 2012, Best Films of 2012 By Genre, Best Films of 2011, Best Films of 2011 By Genre, and Best Films of 2010 posts.  As always, I welcome your comments.

Rob the Mob      Grade: A

Trust Me       Grade: A

Chef        Grade: A

Open Grave      Grade: A

Snowpiercer       Grade: A

The One I Love       Grade: A

Coherence       Grade: A

Anna      Grade: A

Lucky Them     Grade: A

Non-Stop      Grade: A

Sabotage      Grade: A

Draft Day      Grade: A

13 Sins       Grade: A

The Congress     Grade: A-

Young & Beautiful      Grade: A-

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me      Grade: A-

Blue Ruin       Grade: A-

Cold in July      Grade: A-

Whitewash       Grade: A-

About Alex       Grade: A-

Better Living Through Chemistry       Grade: A-

Rich Hill       Grade: A-

We Cause Scenes       Grade: A-

Enemy     Grade: A-

Blood Ties       Grade: A-

The Trip to Italy       Grade: A-

They Came Together      Grade: A-

Jamesy Boy     Grade: A-

Bachelor Weekend       Grade: A-

Nymphomaniac: Volume I      Grade: B+

McCanick      Grade: B+

The Art of the Steal       Grade: B+

Barefoot       Grade: B+

The Sacrament     Grade: B+

Life of Crime     Grade: B+

Zero Theorem       Grade: B+

The Double       Grade: B+

Supermensch      Grade: B+

Life Itself       Grade: B+

The Calling       Grade: B+

A Long Way Down     Grade: B+

Bright Days Ahead      Grade: B+

Two Faces of January       Grade: B+

Frontera        Grade: B+

Veronica Mars      Grade: B+

Chlorine      Grade: B+

The Pretty One      Grade: B+

Very Good Girls     Grade: B+

112 Weddings    Grade: B+

To Be Takei     Grade: B+

Big Bad Wolves      Grade: B+

Grand Piano       Grade: B+

Odd Thomas       Grade: B+

In Fear      Grade: B+

Proxy      Grade: B+

Dinosaur 13      Grade: B+

The Bag Man     Grade: B+

Journey to the West     Grade: B+

Joe     Grade: B

Decoding Annie Parker     Grade: B

At Middleton       Grade: B

The Big Ask     Grade: B

Love Punch     Grade: B

Whitey: United States v. James J. Bulger     Grade: B

Nymphomaniac: Volume II      Grade: B

Ragnarok     Grade: B

Devil's Knot     Grade: B

Goodbye World       Grade: B

God's Pocket     Grade: B

Witching and Bitching     Grade: B

Burt's Buzz     Grade: B

A Brony Tale      Grade: B

The Final Member     Grade: B

Video Games: The Movie     Grade: B

The Face of Love      Grade: B

Alan Partridge     Grade: B

Hellion     Grade: B

Are You Here     Grade: B

Lullaby     Grade: B

The Prince     Grade: B-

7 Boxes     Grade: B-

A Birder's Guide to Everything     Grade: B-

Jimmy P.    Grade: C+

The Best Offer      Grade: C+

Cheap Thrills     Grade: C+

Gambit      Grade: C+

Adult World      Grade: C+

Reasonable Doubt      Grade: C+

Run & Jump      Grade: C

Afflicted     Grade: C

Walk of Shame     Grade: C

Cold Comes the Night      Grade: C-

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn      Grade: C-

The Case Against 8     Grade: C-

Happy Christmas     Grade: C-

Venus in Fur     Grade: C-

Hateship Loveship      Grade: D+

Among Ravens     Grade: D+

A Field in England      Grade: D+

Haunt     Grade: D+

Expecting     Grade: D

The Wait      Grade: D

Knights of Badassdom     Grade: D

A Night in Old Mexico     Grade: D

I'll Follow You Down     Grade: D

Ping Pong Summer     Grade: D

Radio Free Albemuth     Grade: D

A Fantastic Fear of Everything     Grade: D-

Awful Nice     Grade: D-

Back in the Day     Grade: D-

Maladies     Grade: D-

Hide Your Smiling Faces     Grade: D-

Summer in February      Grade: F

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