Monday, February 17, 2014

At Middleton

Two seemingly polar opposite married strangers (Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga) spend the day together as their college bound kids (Taissa Farmiga and Spencer LoFranco, both also in 'Jamesy Boy') take a tour of Middleton's campus.  Feelings begin to develop as they slowly open up about their current situations.  And what begins as a breezy, slightly quirky, and kind of sweet and innocent romantic day eventually devolves into corn and melodrama.  Unfortunately the heavier it gets, the less enjoyable it becomes, which is a shame because the first half is fresh and charming.  It's worth seeing if only for the charming and aging gracefully Andy Garcia.  And I may revisit it again later in the year and see if it works any better the second time around.

Grade: B

Who is this movie for?  Fans of 'Before Sunrise' should reasonably enjoy it.  But it's no 'Before Sunrise'.

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