Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flieder's Flicks - The End

Well folks, all things must eventually come to an end, and unfortunately today marks the end of my run on Good Day Orlando.  I got the call today that they've decided to "suspend" the segment.  No need to ask for any more details, because I really don't have any more to offer.  I'm extremely disappointed, of course.  I can honestly say that I gave it everything I had for the 145 appearances I did on that show over the last 3.3 years.  And I spent pretty much all my free time seeing films, writing about them on this blog, and preparing to offer interesting, candid, and entertaining reviews under the surreal situation of live TV via satellite.  But that's that.  I hope you enjoyed watching them.  I know I enjoyed the experience of doing them.  Thank you to all the folks at FOX 35 for the memories.  And who knows?  Maybe I'll be on TV again somewhere at some time in the future ...


  1. Hey brian, keep up the work anyway. Perhaps podcast your reviews occasionally? Gotta be ready for your next hollywood break, no? I have enjoyed them over the years. Good job!

    1. Thanks Mike. I appreciate that very much (since I know you're a tough critic yourself!) But I'm going to play it by ear. It's a lot of work for little gain. But the occasional compliment like this one is the best reward I get, so thanks again!