Friday, March 28, 2014


Let me begin by setting your expectations.  This is not an Arnold Schwarzenegger film.  It's a David Ayer film that happens to feature Schwarzenegger.  And by that I mean, don't expect camp, mindless action, or bloodless shoot 'em ups.  Writer/Director Ayer ('Training Day', 'End of Watch') doesn't do camp, mindless action, or bloodless shoot 'em ups.  He makes realistic, very intense, and in this case extremely bloody cop films that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In this one, Schwarzenegger leads a group of undercover DEA agents who have infiltrated a drug cartel money stash with a plan to steal $10M of it before they had it over to the feds.  But things don't go as planned and now they are under investigation by the cops and being hunted by the drug cartel.  The plot sounds pretty generic, and the generic title doesn't help.  (They should have gone with a more original title and left 'Sabotage' for the next Jason Statham mindless action and bloodless shoot 'em up.)  But it's all about how you do it, and Ayer does it just right.  Everyone plays their parts well and the film keeps you guessing throughout.  I expect some will be turned off by the gore, and others will find it hackneyed, but for me it hit the spot during a quarter when few films have.

Grade: A

Who is this movie for?  Fans of 'Training Day', 'Endless Watch' and those that prefer their cop films to be intense and bloody.


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    1. Sorry Julio I just haven't had the opportunity to see it.

  2. After reading that review I am for sure going to see this movie!! I'm glad to hear that it is not an Arnold Schwarzenegger film! I was ify on how this movie would actually end up with him in it. Like I said before I like him in the Expendables series movies which I know you think are horrible.... Yeah they are to a point but there is enough explosions and shoot'em up bang bang action going on to weigh out the poor acting... LoL!!

    Well thanks again for taking your time and giving us another Friday/ Weekend Movie Review. I think we are going to see Noah tomorrow... I really tried to get my Finace' to go tonight but she is not an opening night movie fan... Well unless it is a movie she wants to see... LoL..... Have a Good Weekend Brian!!