Friday, April 11, 2014

Cuban Fury

Nick Frost (best known for his many collaborations with Simon Pegg) decided he wanted to make a movie where he Salsa dances.  And apparently that's all it takes to get a movie greenlit.  Who knew?

Frost plays a loveable overweight loser who never gets the girl.  In fact, he knows better so he never even tries.  But when Rashida Jones takes over as the new boss in his office he instantly crushes on her.  The problem is he needs to keep his nemesis, the office pig (Chris O'Dowd), from getting to her first.  How can he win her over first?  Salsa!

Yup, this is every bit as trite as it sounds.  Frankly, I could have written this script in about 10 minutes while sitting on the toilet, but the key to getting it made is getting a likeable cast, and Frost, Jones, and O'Dowd (along with Ian McShane) fit the bill.  They're plenty likeable.  But not enough to make this romantic comedy with no believable romance and only sporadic comedy worth your time.  It's not that it's bad.  It's just not good enough to choose it over all the other options.  Of course I was fortunate to have Nick Frost appear in person for a Q&A afterwards, and that was definitely the highlight of the evening for me.  If you get that opportunity, by all means go for it!

Grade: B-

Who is this movie for?  Only those who are jonesing for a comedy and need to see one in the theater stat!

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  1. I for one look forward to a toilet screenplay of yours.