Friday, April 11, 2014

Draft Day

Kevin Costner's comeback continues in his third of five films scheduled for release this year (which already included Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and 3 Days to Kill.)  This time he plays the GM of the Cleveland Browns, wheeling and dealing on NFL draft day to make his current team stronger without sacrificing future picks, upsetting his coach (Denis Leary), jeopardizing his relationships with his coworker/girlfriend (Jennifer Garner) and his mother (Ellen Burstyn), and still managing to keep his job by appeasing the team's owner (Frank Langella).  It's not easy being GM on draft day!

Full disclosure: I'm not a sports watcher at all.  And I've never given the NFL draft a moment of thought.  So, for me, this film by veteran filmmaker Ivan Reitman made for a very entertaining and interesting watch.  It's a look behind the curtain at the business dealings behind football, much like Moneyball was for baseball.  And while not quite as highbrow or A-list as 'Moneyball' (so don't expect any nominations), it's a smooth, likeable and feel good film, making it a great choice that should entertain men and women, sports fans and non-sports fans alike.  Go see it this weekend.

Grade: A

Who is this movie for?  Everyone.

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