Monday, April 28, 2014

TriBeCa Film Festival 2014

I just got home from my ninth consecutive year at the TriBeCa Film Festival where I saw 34 movies and one tribute over 10 days.  As always, the festival did not disappoint, and there were a lot of amazing films (though there were certainly some pretty bad movies too.)  If you like Flieder on Film on Facebook or follow @FliederonFilm on Twitter then you were kept up to date all along the way.  (If not, now is a good time to do so!)  But below is a list of what I saw ranked from best to worst, as well as a small sample of my pictures.  If you were there I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Match    Grade: A+
5 to 7     Grade: A+

Every Secret Thing    Grade: A
Chef     Grade: A
Alex of Venice     Grade: A
Lucky Them      Grade: A
Life Partners     Grade: A
About Alex     Grade: A-
Third Person     Grade: B+
An Honest Liar     Grade: B+
NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage    Grade: B+
Honeymoon      Grade: B+
Miss Meadows      Grade: B+
Art and Craft     Grade: B+
Extraterrestrial     Grade: B+
Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon    Grade: B
Zombeavers     Grade: B
Indigenous     Grade: B
Boulevard     Grade: B
Ron Howard Tribute    Grade: B
Goodbye to All That     Grade: B
Beyond the Brick     Grade: B
A Brony Tale     Grade: B
Loitering With Intent     Grade: B
Night Moves     Grade: B
Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank    Grade: B-
The Canal     Grade: C+
In Your Eyes    Grade: C
Love is Strange    Grade: C-
6  (screened as a work in progress)    Grade: C-
Just Before I Go     Grade: D+
Black Coal, Thin Ice    Grade: D
Love and Engineering     Grade: D
Garnet's Gold     Grade: D-
Electric Slide    Grade: D-

Me and Aubrey Plaza - 'About Alex'

John Leguizamo, Emjay Anthony, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavale, John Favreau - 'Chef'

Matthew Lillard, Carla Gugino, Patrick Stewart - 'Match'

Michael Douglas and Shep Gordon - 'SuperMensch'
Alec Baldwin and Barney Frank - 'Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank'

Brian Williams and Ron Howard

Kevin Spacey and Geoff Gilmore
Charlie Rose, Jeremy Whelehan, Jeremy Bobb, ?, Gemma Jones, Kevin Spacey

Thomas Hayden Church, Toni Collette, Oliver Platt - 'Lucky Them'

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Chris Messina - 'Alex of Venice'

Diane Lane - 'Every Secret Thing'

Seann William Scott and Courtney Cox - 'Just Before I Go'
John Lithgow and Ira Sachs - 'Love is Strange'

The Amazing Randi - 'An Honest Liar'

Aubrey Plaza - 'About Alex'

Jason Ritter - 'About Alex'

 Mike Meyers - 'Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon'
Paul Haggis - 'Third Person'

Sam Rockwell, Michael Godere, Ivan Martin - 'Loitering with Intent'

Stephen Merchant and Jordan Rubin - 'Zombeavers'

Victor Levin - '5 to 7'

Fisher Stevens and Louie Psihoyos - '6'
Brent Hodge and Ashleigh Ball - 'A Brony Tale'

Morgan Spurlock - 'A Brony Tale'

Zoe Kazan, Michael Stahl-David, Mark Feuerstein - 'In Your Eyes'

Ivan Kavanagh, Rupert Evans, ? - 'The Canal'

Karen Leigh Hopkins - 'Miss Meadows'

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