Friday, May 16, 2014

A Night in Old Mexico

Film buffs of all ages love Robert Duvall.  He's a living Hollywood legend.  So I need know nothing more about a movie than he is in it to get me to see it.  In 2009 that really paid off with Get Low, an excellent film you should see if you haven't.  But he's unfortunately made a string of terrible movies over the last few years, including Seven Days in Utopia, 'Jayne Mansfield's Car', and now 'A Night in Old Mexico'.  He's great in all of them.  But the unavoidable fact is, the scripts are lame, and at least in this poor man's 'Scent of a Woman', he is surrounded by an unworthy cast.  I wish I could say otherwise, but you should steer clear.

'A Night in Old Mexico' is available to watch at home on Video on Demand.

Grade: D

Who is this movie for?  Only hard core Duvall completists should invest the time.

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