Sunday, May 18, 2014


Most people have bad taste.  Sorry, but they just do.  Yet opinions are like assholes ... everyone's got one.  More and more I find I disagree with the critical and mass opinion found on websites like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and Metacritic.  I question why I even look at them!  My point is, this is the only site you should refer to.  There I said it.  Why?  Well, I see more films than almost any movie critic, buff, or fan, and I have no ulterior motives as I'm not 'in bed' with anyone and I make no money doing this.  I just love to watch movies and recommend the good ones you may have overlooked.  And 'Anna' is exactly that!  It's a terrific modern film noir thriller with a fantastic cast and great production values.  And it's the second time in two years that Mark Strong and Brian Cox have appeared in a fantastic movie that premiered on Video on Demand (with the other being Blood.)  It's not perfect, so don't expect perfection, but it's much more entertaining and well produced than almost anything I've seen this year.  And Mark Strong IS perfect ... as always.

'Anna' is now available at home on Video on Demand for just $6.99.

Grade: A

Who is this movie for?  If you like atmospheric film noir, Mark Strong, Brian Cox, and movies like 'Dreamscape' and/or 'Inception' then just see it.  Don't watch the trailers!  And pair it with 'Red Lights' from 2012 for another totally underrated and overlooked atmospheric Parapsychology thriller.

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