Friday, July 25, 2014

I Origins

On 12/31/13 I published a blog post entitled A Look Ahead at 2014 where I listed the films I was most looking forward to in 2014, and 'I Origins' was #1 on the list.  Why?  Director Mike Cahill caught my attention in 2011 with 'Another Earth', which was co-written by and starring Brit Marling who co-stars in this one as well.  Not because it was an amazing movie, but because it was an extremely interesting movie showcasing amazing potential.  I just had a feeling that his next film would be something special.  And when I heard it would be starring Michael Pitt and Brit Marling, and would be even further steeped in science, I knew this could be something great.  And I'm thrilled to say it does not disappoint at all.  I've actually seen it twice already, and surprisingly enjoyed it just as much if not more the second time.  The cast is perfect.  The acting is amazing.  The attention to detail is unmatched.  And it takes you on an unexpected ride from start to finish that will make you think and make you feel.  Just please don't watch any trailers or read any reviews.  Just go see it.

Grade: A+

Who is this movie for?  Unlike most summer fare, this is a movie for adults.  It's more Science than Science Fiction.  And if you're anything like me, it will take you by surprise, give you chills, and make you think about life in a different way.  Pair it with another brilliant but overlooked Brit Marling film called Sound of My Voice for an excellent double feature.


  1. Hey Brian, I was looking for something to stream on one of my favorite websites... and took your advice. Im very glad I did. This movie was really good on every level. Well done, thanks!