Friday, August 1, 2014

Code Black

Get a glimpse of life in the E.R. at the L.A. County Hospital in this documentary about med school seniors and seasoned old timers dealing with the realities of medicine in America today.  It's fascinating and noble work in the craziest of environments.  Though don't expect a whole lot of revelations.  It's all pretty obvious.  There isn't enough funding or resources.  There's too much paperwork, too much regulation, and too little time actually spent on helping patients and saving lives.  Doctors are amazing people that dedicate their lives to saving ours, but unfortunately this documentary is neither exciting nor eye-opening.  Sadly, it's a lost opportunity at what could have been a great movie.

Grade: C+

Who is this movie for?  Documentary enthusiasts.  But since it's only fair, I'd wait for it to come to VOD, if you want to see it at all.

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