Saturday, August 2, 2014

Magic in the Moonlight

Those who know me or follow my blog know by now that I am a fan of Woody Allen's films, and always look forward to seeing his latest.  Having made around 50 films over the last 50 years, every year I know I can count on him to release a new one, generally between May and September, and I'll most likely be enjoying it on a weekend afternoon at the Ritz 5 in Philadelphia.  And I just thoroughly enjoyed his latest, which conjures back up the magic realism he's done so well in films like 'The Purple Rose of Cairo' and 'Midnight in Paris'.  And, as most of his films of late, this one is once again set in Europe.  Like 'Paris', it largely takes place in beautiful France in the 1920's.  And just as with 'Paris', the locations, the clothing, and the old time jazz soundtrack are as gorgeous as the cast.  And, just as with 'Paris', I find myself not only loving the film, but actually wanting to live inside of it.  It's just so damn beautiful!  Of course, as with any Woody Allen film, the casting is amazing.  Just like Owen Wilson did in 'Paris', Emma Stone just fits so well, as if the lines of dialogue she was given to say are truly her own.  She is a true talent in everything she does, and one could easily fall for her in any role.  Colin Firth, on the other hand, is a bit less natural reciting Allen's lines, seeming somewhat forced at first, but nevertheless his natural charms more than compensate and reassure that he's the right man for the part.  The film is as light as air, which is refreshing as compared to every other movie in the theater about the end of the world.  Though I can't say it's quite as strong as 'Paris' or 'Blue Jasmine'.  Nevertheless I am once again grateful to the Wood-man for giving me my annual fix.  Very enjoyable.

Grade: A-

Who is this movie for?  Who doesn't need a little magic their life?  It's light and it's charming.  If you loved 'Midnight in Paris' you'll like this.

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