Friday, August 1, 2014

The One I Love

If you ask me, VOD is where it's at right now.  A lot of the best movies are premiering in your home before (or if) they hit theaters.  And there are few better examples than 'The One I Love', a romantic comedy of sorts, but unlike any you've ever seen.  Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss totally kill it.  This is what you want to see this week!  But don't read any reviews.  Don't watch any trailers.  Don't ruin one of the most original films of the year.  Just rent it this weekend on VOD and enjoy the ride.  You're welcome.

Grade: A

Who is this movie for?  Anyone who is as tired as I am of the Hollywood Assembly Line.  If you're geeking out over 'Guardians of the Galaxy', then this small indie may not be for you.  But I loved the hell out of it!  Pair it with 'Your Sister's Sister' for a double shot of Mark Duplass at his best.

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