Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Complete List of 2014 Films Ranked

It wasn't easy to compile (seeing as my IT department is closed for the holidays - read: I don't have an IT department) but for all you completists, below is a complete list of the 390 films I saw that were released in 2014, ranked from best to worst. 
(Note: View it in Desktop Mode on your mobile phone if you can't see the grades.)
(Also note: Obviously this is not an exact science, and I do change my grades from time to time.  This is always a work in progress and is meant to be more of a general guide to which movies are worth your time and which are not.)
1.  Boyhood A+
2.  I Origins A+
3.  Rob the Mob A+
4.  Edge of Tomorrow A+
5.  Snowpiercer A+
6.  13 Sins A+
7.  Fury A
8.  Whiplash A
9.  Open Grave A
10.  Trust Me A
11.  Chef A
12.  Anna A
13.  One I Love A
14.  Coherence A
15.  Drop A
16.  One Chance A
17.  Most Violent Year A
18.  Interstellar A
19.  Poker Night A
20.  Giver A
21.  Lucky Them A
22.  Nightcrawler A
23.  Sabotage A
24.  Hundred-Foot Journey A
25.  Wild A
26.  Heart Machine A
27.  Imitation Game A
28.  Million Ways to Die in the Old West A
29.  Non-Stop A
30.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes A
31.  Immigrant A
32.  Olive Kitteridge A
33.  Comet A
34.  Finding Vivian Maier A
35.  Gambler A
36.  Cold in July A
37.  Blue Ruin A
38.  Captive A
39.  Men, Women & Children A
40.  Million Dollar Arm A
41.  John Wick A
42.  Calvary A
43.  Draft Day A
44.  Blood Ties A
45.  Rudderless A
46.  3 Days to Kill A
47.  Jamesy Boy A
48.  Force Majeure A
49.  Overnighters A
50.  Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz A
51.  Happy Valley A
52.  Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me A
53.  Enemy A
54.  St. Vincent A
55.  Whitewash A
56.  We Cause Scenes A
57.  Birdman A-
58.  Young & Beautiful (Jeune & Jolie) A-
59.  Life Partners A-
60.  Horns A-
61.  Skylight A-
62.  Magic in the Moonlight A-
63.  Lucy A-
64.  The Mule A-
65.  Congress A-
66.  Human Capital A-
67.  About Alex A-
68.  Better Living Through Chemistry A-
69.  Le Week-End A-
70.  Rich Hill A-
71.  Maze Runner A-
72.  War Story A-
73.  Trip to Italy A-
74.  Chinese Puzzle A-
75.  Grand Seduction A-
76.  Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago A-
77.  They Came Together A-
78.  Hector and the Search for Happiness A-
79.  Man on Her Mind A-
80.  My Old Lady A-
81.  Sleepwalker A-
82.  Wild Tales A-
83.  Bachelor Weekend A-
84.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier A-
85.  Night Moves A-
86.  Deliver Us From Evil B+
87.  As Above So Below B+
88.  Sacrament B+
89.  McCanick B+
90.  Art of the Steal B+
91.  Barefoot B+
92.  Bad Words B+
93.  Dom Hemingway B+
94.  Unknown Known B+
95.  Zero Theorem B+
96.  Borgman B+
97.  Skeleton Twins B+
98.  Third Person B+
99.  Houses October Built B+
100.  Felony B+
101.  Calling B+
102.  Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I B+
103.  Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show B+
104.  21 Years: Richard Linklater B+
105.  Two Faces of January B+
106.  Frontera B+
107.  Starry Eyes B+
108.  Life of Crime B+
109.  Double B+
110.  Nymphomaniac: Volume I B+
111.  Gone Girl B+
112.  Judge B+
113.  Stretch B+
114.  Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon B+
115.  Foxcatcher B+
116.  Unbroken B+
117.  Cake B+
118.  Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby B+
119.  Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit B+
120.  This Is Where I Leave You B+
121.  Humbling B+
122.  X-Men: Days of Future Past B+
123.  Purge: Anarchy B+
124.  Tusk B+
125.  Bright Days Ahead B+
126.  112 Weddings B+
127.  Chlorine B+
128.  Pretty One B+
129.  NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage B+
130.  Citizenfour B+
131.  Beyond the Lights B+
132.  Good Lie B+
133.  We the Economy B+
134.  Life's a Breeze B+
135.  Selma B+
136.  Long Way Down B+
137.  Devil's Hand B+
138.  In Fear B+
139.  Oculus B+
140.  Proxy B+
141.  Most Wanted Man B+
142.  Honeymoon B+
143.  Miss Meadows B+
144.  Art and Craft B+
145.  Two Night Stand B+
146.  Stonehearst Asylum B+
147.  Laggies B+
148.  Babadook B+
149.  Extraterrestrial B+
150.  Veronica Mars B+
151.  Big Bad Wolves B+
152.  Grand Piano B+
153.  Odd Thomas B+
154.  About Last Night B+
155.  Begin Again B+
156.  Still Alice B+
157.  Before I Disappear B+
158.  Ivory Tower B+
159.  Life Itself B+
160.  To Be Takei B+
161.  Dancing in Jaffa B+
162.  Life After Beth B+
163.  Dinosaur 13 B+
164.  Longest Week B+
165.  Very Good Girls B+
166.  What If B+
167.  Rosewater B+
168.  Merchants of Doubt B+
169.  Let's Be Cops B+
170.  Fault in our Stars B+
171.  Bag Man B+
172.  Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons B+
173.  Homesman B+
174.  American Sniper B+
175.  Rover B+
176.  Into the Woods B+
177.  Monuments Men B
178.  At Middleton B
179.  Divergent B
180.  Frank B
181.  Big Eyes B
182.  Big Ask B
183.  Revenge of the Green Dragons B
184.  Kill the Messenger B
185.  Whitey: United States v. James J. Bulger B
186.  Korengal B
187.  Joe B
188.  Decoding Annie Parker B
189.  Robocop B
190.  Nymphomaniac: Volume II B
191.  At the Devil's Door B
192.  Devil's Knot B
193.  Just a Sigh B
194.  Goodbye World B
195.  God's Pocket B
196.  Burt's Buzz B
197.  Final Member B
198.  Sounding the Alarm B
199.  Lunchbox B
200.  Good Marriage B
201.  Bird People B
202.  Witching and Bitching B
203.  Obvious Child B
204.  Equalizer B
205.  Guardians of the Galaxy B
206.  Sex Tape B
207.  Dumb and Dumber To B
208.  Land Ho! B
209.  Inherent Vice B
210.  Good People B
211.  Walk Among the Tombstones B
212.  Brony Tale B
213.  Reclaim B
214.  Nance B
215.  White Bird in a Blizzard B
216.  Love Punch B
217.  Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me B
218.  By the Gun B
219.  Mobius B
220.  Video Games: The Movie B
221.  Loitering with Intent B
222.  Goodbye to all That B
223.  Cesar Chavez B
224.  Face of Love B
225.  Cheap Thrills B
226.  Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa B
227.  Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones B
228.  Hellion B
229.  Two Days, One Night B
230.  Ragnarok B
231.  Starred Up B
232.  Lullaby B
233.  Guest B
234.  Bad Turn Worse B
235.  Tell B
236.  Let's Kill Ward's Wife B
237.  Why Don't You Play in Hell? B
238.  Tales of the Grim Sleeper B
239.  Harmontown B
240.  The Lego Movie  B
241.  Sin City: A Dame to Kill For B
242.  Boxtrolls B-
243.  Big Hero 6 B-
244.  Winter's Tale B-
245.  Discoverers B-
246.  Jersey Boys B-
247.  Are You Here B-
248.  Cuban Fury B-
249.  Quiet Ones B-
250.  Normal Heart B-
251.  Prince B-
252.  Wish I Was Here B-
253.  Filth B-
254.  Breathe In B-
255.  How to Train Your Dragon 2 B-
256.  22 Jump Street B-
257.  November Man B-
258.  Black or White B-
259.  Amazing Spider-Man 2 B-
260.  I, Frankenstein B-
261.  7 Boxes B-
262.  Birder's Guide to Everything B-
263.  Town That Dreaded Sundown B-
264.  Keep On Keepin' On B-
265.  Jamie Marks is Dead B-
266.  Leviathan B-
267.  Mommy B-
268.  Neighbors C+
269.  Godzilla C+
270.  Locke C+
271.  Moebius C+
272.  Low Down C+
273.  Wetlands C+
274.  Jimmy P. C+
275.  Best Offer C+
276.  All Cheerleaders Die C+
277.  Under the Skin C+
278.  Noah C+
279.  Gambit C+
280.  Canal C+
281.  Fading Gigolo C+
282.  Railway Man C+
283.  Adult World C+
284.  Another Me C+
285.  Tasting Menu C+
286.  Repentance C+
287.  Damned C+
288.  Young Ones C+
289.  20,000 Days on Earth C+
290.  Reasonable Doubt C+
291.  Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia C+
292.  Battered Bastards of Baseball C+
293.  Code Black C+
294.  Get On Up C+
295.  Red Army C+
296.  Mudbloods C+
297.  Mystery Road C+
298.  Palo Alto C+
299.  Only Lovers Left Alive C+
300.  That Awkward Moment C+
301.  Touch of Sin C+
302.  Run & Jump C
303.  Endless Love C
304.  Transcendence C
305.  In Your Eyes C
306.  Afflicted C
307.  Mood Indigo C
308.  And So It Goes C
309.  Walk of Shame C
310.  Pride C
311.  Automata C
312.  Housebound C
313.  V/H/S: Viral C
314.  Open Windows C
315.  Listen Up Philip C
316.  Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies C
317.  Patrick: Evil Awakens C
318.  Cold Comes the Night C
319.  Top Five C
320.  Grand Budapest Hotel C
321.  R100 C-
322.  Signal C-
323.  In Secret C-
324.  Way of the Wicked C-
325.  Angriest Man in Brooklyn C-
326.  Love is Strange C-
327.  Case Against 8 C-
328.  Maidentrip C-
329.  Point and Shoot C-
330.  Happy Christmas C-
331.  Monty Python Live C-
332.  Copenhagen C-
333.  Blue Room C-
334.  Venus in Fur C-
335.  I Am Santa Claus C-
336.  Space Station 76 C-
337.  Rocket C-
338.  God Help the Girl D+
339.  Mr. Jones D+
340.  Stage Fright D+
341.  Hateship Loveship D+
342.  Among Ravens D+
343.  Before I Go To Sleep D+
344.  Jessabelle D+
345.  Belle D+
346.  Mr. Turner D+
347.  E-Team D+
348.  Field in England D+
349.  Pompeii D+
350.  Haunt D+
351.  Ride Along D+
352.  Devil's Due D
353.  Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks D
354.  Wait D
355.  Night in Old Mexico D
356.  Exists D
357.  We Are the Best! D
358.  As the Palaces Burn D
359.  Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory D
360.  Mission Blue D
361.  Knights of Badassdom D
362.  Legend of Hercules D
363.  For No Good Reason D
364.  Ping Pong Summer D
365.  Words and Pictures D
366.  Louder Than Words D
367.  Theory of Everything D
368.  Annabelle D
369.  Days and Nights D
370.  Better Angels D
371.  Pioneer D
372.  I'll Follow You Down D
373.  Radio Free Albemuth D
374.  Earth to Echo D
375.  Wastelander Panda D
376.  Exodus: Gods and Kings D
377.  Murder of a Cat D
378.  Fantastic Fear of Everything D-
379.  Awful Nice D-
380.  Garnet's Gold D-
381.  Back in the Day D-
382.  Aftermath D-
383.  Hide Your Smiling Faces D-
384.  Almost Human D-
385.  Ida D-
386.  Virunga D-
387.  Salt of the Earth D-
388.  Summer in February F
389.  Maladies F
390.  Color of Time F

And the movies I haven't seen:
100 Days
1000 Times Good Night
23 Blast
300: Rise Of An Empire
5 Seconds Of Summer:  So Perfect
ABC's Of Death 2
Abuse Of Weakness
Admiral: Roaring Currents
After The Dark
Afternoon Of A Faun
Age Of Uprising: The Legend Of Michael Kohlhaas
Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Always Woodstock
Amazing Catfish
American In Hollywood
American Revolutionary: The Evolution Of Grace Lee Boggs
Antarctica: A Year On Ice
Archaeology Of A Woman
Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?
Awake: The Life Of Yogananda
Bang Bang
Behaving Badly
Believe Me
Beneath The Harvest Sky
Best Night Ever
Best Of Me
Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain
Bicycling With Molière
Book Of Life
Born To Fly: Elizabeth Streb Vs. Gravity
Brick Mansions
Bridge And Tunnel
Brush With Danger
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero
Camp X-Ray
Catch Hell
Child Of God
Child's Pose
Chinese Zodiac
Christmas Ride
Closed Curtain
Coffee In Berlin
Dance Of Reality
Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead
Dear White People
Dolphin Tale 2
Don Peyote
Dr. Cabbie
Dracula Untold
Drive Hard
Dying Of The Light
Elsa & Fred
Empty Hours
Ernest & Celestine
Expendables 3
Fed Up
Field Of Lost Shoes
Finding Fela
Five Star Life
Flex Is Kings
Fluffy Movie
Fort Bliss
Frankie & Alice
From The Rough
Galapagos Affair
German Doctor
Giovanni's Island
Girl On A Bicycle
God's Not Dead
Great Flood
Great Invisible
Green Prince
Greencard Warriors
Half Of A Yellow Sun
Hamlet & Hutch
Happy New Year
Haunted House 2
Heaven Is For Real
Henry & Me
Hero Of Color City
Hiroshima Mon Amour
Hornet's Nest
Horrible Bosses 2
Hot Guys With Guns
I Am Ali
If I Stay
If You Build It
In The Blood
In The House Of Flies
Inner Demons
Into The Storm
Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar
Jack And The Cuckoo-Clock Heart
Jake Squared
James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenge
Jimi: All Is By My Side
Jingle All The Way 2
Jingle Bell Rocks!
Jodorowsky's Dune
Kapus Kondyachi Goshta (Unending Story)
Kelly & Cal
Kid Cannabis
Kids For Cash
Kill Team
Kurmanjan Datka Queen Of The Mountains
La Bare
Last Days In Vietnam
Last Of Robin Hood
Last Weekend
Left Behind
Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return
Letter To Momo
Life Inside Out
Life Of An Actress The Musical
Like Father Like Son
Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed
Love & Air Sex
Make Your Move
Meet The Mormons
Merry Friggin' Christmas
Minuscule - Valley Of The Lost Ants
Missing Picture
Missing William
Mom's Night Out
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Muppets Most Wanted
Murder 101
My Man Is A Loser
Nas: Time Is Illmatic
Need For Speed
Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb
No God, No Master
No Good Deed
No No: A Dockumentary
Not Another Happy Ending
Not Cool
Nut Job
Occupy The Farm
On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter
On My Way
On The Other Side Of The Tracks
One I Wrote For You
Opposite Sex
Other Woman
Particle Fever
Penguins Of Madagascar
Perfect Sisters
Pirate Fairy
Planes: Fire & Rescue
Playback Singer
Possession Of Michael King
Rage (Tokarev)
Raid 2
Reach Me
Return To Nuke 'Em High Volume 1
Right Kind Of Wrong
Rio 2
Rocks In My Pockets
School Dance
Small Section Of The World
Small Time
Someone Marry Barry
Son Of God
Song Of The Sea
Step Up All In
Stranger By The Lake
Summer's Tale
Sweeping Forward
Take Care
Take Me To The River
Tale Of The Princess Kaguya
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Think Like A Man Too
Thunder And The House Of Magic
To Kill A Man
Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It
Transformers: Age Of Extinction
Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club
Under The Electric Sky
Vampire Academy
Walking With The Enemy
Watchers Of The Sky
Way He Looks
We Are The Giant
Welcome To The Jungle
When Jews Were Funny
When The Game Stands Tall
Wolf Creek 2
Work Weather Wife
You're Not You
Yves Saint Laurent

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