Friday, January 16, 2015


The once bankable Michael Mann, responsible for such stylish and suspenseful crime dramas as the Miami Vice TV show and Heat, brings us this disappointing January cyber "thriller" featuring Captain Excitement himself, Chris Hemsworth.  Hemsworth plays an imprisoned hacker expert who the American and Chinese authorities sorely need to help them stop a master cyber criminal.  And only in Hollywood would a guy who looks like the captain of his high school football team be one of the world's best hackers.  Not since Getaway in 2013 when I was supposed to believe that Selena Gomez was also a skilled computer hacker have I seen casting this ridiculous.  Hey Hollywood, Hackers and computer geeks don't look like Hemsworth and Gomez.  They look like this

Unfortunately the rest of the cast does nothing to help this subpar "thriller".  Even the few action sequences don't have nearly the same style and excitement as Mann's earlier work.  And the sleepy score doesn't hold a candle to the Miami Vice theme or the entire kick-ass Heat soundtrack.  It's not that this movie's terrible, which it isn't.  But there's really just no good reason for you to see it.  You're better off getting your laugh on this weekend with Kevin Hart's surprisingly funny The Wedding Ringer.  Or even better, stay home and get your mind blown by Predestination or blown away by the Broadway-type Tony Award worthy performances in Match, both available on VOD.

Grade: C

Who is this movie for?  No one, unfortunately.  Pass.

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