Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Rutger Hauer plays a rich and powerful man nearing the end of his life.   And what is the only thing the rich and powerful can't buy?  Youth.  Though in RPG, they have a chance.  But it involves partaking in a video game, of sorts.

Calling RPG a B movie would be an understatement.  The production value is particularly poor.  And the young ensemble cast is attractive but not very good at their craft, at all.  But there are three things that might make this one worth seeing if you like the genre.

First, the great Rutger Hauer makes an appearance.  You may love him from Blade Runner.  I love him from The Hitcher.  But if you know him, you probably love him, and even though he isn't in the lion's share of the film, it's good to see him.

Second, while, it's sort of just a poor man's Hunger Games, the screenplay is somewhat original and interesting.  And personally I'd rather see a movie with poor production values and an interesting screenplay than vice versa.

And third, you can watch it at home on Video on Demand.

Grade: B  (a bit generously)

Who is this movie for?  People who dig the futuristic, high concept films, even when they're poorly made and straight to VOD.

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