Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wild Card

Few actors have I come down harder on than Jason Statham.  Why?  Well because even though he started his career showcasing his natural charisma in some good movies, he has consistently churned out nothing but terrible action movies over the last few years, mostly with terribly generic titles like 'Safe', 'Blitz', 'Redemption', and 'Homefront'.  (I doubt even Statham himself could differentiate one from the other at this point.)  But I owe him this post, because I strangely took a chance on his latest straight-to-VOD (with yet another lame title working as a pun on his character's name of Nick Wild) but I must say it was Wild-ly entertaining.  Aside from just the right amount of ass-kicking, it's got revenge, gambling, Vegas, Christmas tunes, and a surprisingly large all-star supporting cast in some pretty meaty roles.  It's more fun than the reviews on the internet would have you believe.

Grade: B+  ... a high B+

Who is this movie for?  Anyone who just wants to be thoroughly entertained with a 92 minute guilty pleasure you can watch at home on VOD for $6.99.  Welcome back to good movies, Statham.  But please, no more puns on your character's name.  I beg you.  Don't make your next character Nick Wolf in a movie called 'Lone Wolf'.  I know you're thinking about it.

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