Friday, April 10, 2015

While We're Young

You can always count on Noah Baumbach to be able to honestly and thoughtfully portray what it's like to be out of college (and in this case long past) but not quite a textbook adult.  Baumbach is of my generation, so when he made his film debut Kicking and Screaming (no, not the Will Ferrell one) in 1995 about a bunch of recent college grads unsure what to do with their lives, it resonated with me.  (Though I modestly submit I had my s#@! together.)  A decade later, The Squid and the Whale was probably his most well received film, and well deserved.  But his last two, Greenberg and Frances Ha, marked the return to his seemingly favorite theme of not knowing what to do with your life.  But now, Baumbach is in his 40's (and so are his characters.  Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play a couple in their 40's who don't quite fit in anymore.  They don't fit with their friends who now have children.  So they awkwardly try to hang with their new found friends in their mid 20's (portrayed adeptly by Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried).  Reminiscent of some of the best Woody Allen, it's funny, thoughtful, painful at times, and totally hit a chord with me.  And even Charles Grodin (looking pretty old at 80) makes a return to film!  Just another reason to check this one out.

Grade: A

Who is this movie for?  Fans of Baumbach, Woody Allen, and Stiller's less broad, indie-type comedies like Flirting with Disaster, Greenberg, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty should definitely check it out.  This is the Stiller I love.  Y'all can have Zoolander 2.  I'll take this.

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