Friday, May 8, 2015

The D Train

Jack Black stars as an everyman husband and father who volunteers as chairman of his high school reunion committee.  And for his upcoming 20th year reunion he sets off on a goal to get one of the old cool kids (James Marsden) to show in order to improve attendance.

The film premiered at Sundance in January and is the kind of film I thoroughly enjoy in a festival environment.  It's not laugh out loud funny, but it's original and the story unfolds in a fairly unpredictable way.  It's perfect for the indie / festival audience, but for some reason it's getting a wide release and I just don't think mainstream audiences are going to see it or even like it that much.  It didn't seem to play too well at the advance screening I was at.  Though I really enjoyed it.

Grade: B+

Who is this movie for?  It's great for the festival / indie crowd, and if you like those films and see it with the right audience at an art house theater, or down the road on VOD, I do think you'll enjoy it.

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