Friday, July 17, 2015


I always strongly preferred Robin Williams in dramatic roles rather than in comedies or doing standup.  (And trying to reconcile these two extreme sides to him was always a feat!)  Well now you have one more chance to check out a new dramatic role from him.  And fortunately it's a good one.  In this quiet drama, Williams plays a melancholic man dealing with his sickly father, his increasingly distant relationship with his wife (Kathy Baker) and best pal (Bob Odenkirk, in yet another terrific role of late), and a confusing bond he develops with a young gigolo.  It's well acted and compelling enough to remind us what a talent Williams was, and an example of the kinds of demons that secretly plague people, sometimes to tragic ends.  I am sure you agree, he will be sorely missed.

Grade: A-

Who is this movie for?  It's a strong choice for fans of Williams' dramatic side.  Though it's a bit melodramatic, and if quiet melodrama isn't your thing, you should turn elsewhere.  But for me, having seen it first a year ago before Williams passed away, and again this week, it has taken on even more poignancy post mortem.

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