Saturday, July 4, 2015

Second Quarter of 2015

We've made it half way through 2015 and yes, you guessed it, it's time for my quarter end review.

Below is a summary of my grades for the 105 films I saw that were released in the U.S. this quarter (either in theaters or on Video on Demand).  Check them out and then refresh your memory of the films of the first quarter.

As usual, many of the best movies this quarter were released on Video on Demand at the same time as or even before their limited theatrical runs.  There were a lot of great ones.  And you can see many of them right now without even leaving your home.
As always, I welcome your feedback, whether it be on here, on my Flieder on Film Facebook page, on Twitter @FliederonFilm, shoot me an email at, or just yell really, really loudly.  If you like what I provide here then positive feedback and sharing with your movie lover friends is always much appreciated.
  1. Gabriel       Grade: A+
  2. 5 to 7       Grade: A+
  3. Ex Machina        Grade: A
  4. The 11th Hour (formerly I Am Here)      Grade: A
  5. While We're Young      Grade: A
  6. Jurassic World      Grade: A
  7. Escobar: Paradise Lost        Grade: A
  8. The Overnight        Grade: A
  9. Danny Collins        Grade: A
  10. Welcome to Me      Grade: A
  11. Time Lapse      Grade: A
  12. Glass Chin       Grade: A
  13. Every Secret Thing        Grade: A
  14. Alex of Venice        Grade: A
  15. Good Kill      Grade: A
  16. Thought Crimes      Grade: A
  17. Results      Grade: A-
  18. Maggie      Grade: A-
  19. Ted 2      Grade: A-
  20. The Little Death      Grade: A-
  21. 5 Flights Up       Grade: A-
  22. Big Game      Grade: A-
  23. Bound to Vengeance (formerly Reversal)      Grade: A-
  24. I'll See You in My Dreams      Grade: A-
  25. Entourage      Grade: A-
  26. The Forger      Grade: A-
  27. Playing it Cool      Grade: A-
  28. True Story      Grade: A-
  29. Woman in Gold      Grade: A-
  30. The Face of an Angel      Grade: A-
  31. Dope      Grade: A-
  32. Let Us Prey      Grade: A-
  33. Deep Web       Grade: B+
  34. The Wolfpack       Grade: B+
  35. Last Knights      Grade: B+
  36. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl      Grade: B+
  37. Lost River      Grade: B+
  38. Avengers: Age of Ultron      Grade: B+
  39. The Harvest      Grade: B+
  40. Survivor      Grade: B+
  41. Stockholm, Pennsylvania      Grade: B+
  42. Slow West      Grade: B+
  43. Spy      Grade: B+
  44. The D Train      Grade: B+
  45. Unfriended      Grade: B+
  46. Hungry Hearts      Grade: B+
  47. Love & Mercy      Grade: B+
  48. The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared      Grade: B+
  49. Adult Beginners      Grade: B+
  50. The Age of Adaline      Grade: B+
  51. Dial a Prayer      Grade: B+
  52. Live from New York!      Grade: B+
  53. American Heist      Grade: B+
  54. Inside Out      Grade: B+
  55. 7 Minutes      Grade: B+
  56. Creep      Grade: B
  57. Misery Loves Comedy      Grade: B
  58. Hot Girls Wanted      Grade: B
  59. Balls Out (formerly Intramural)      Grade: B
  60. Cut Bank      Grade: B
  61. Arlo & Julie      Grade: B
  62. Kumiko the Treasure Hunter      Grade: B
  63. The Water Diviner       Grade: B
  64. Beyond the Reach      Grade: B
  65. From the Dark      Grade: B
  66. Burying the Ex      Grade: B
  67. Manglehorn        Grade: B
  68. Hyena        Grade: B
  69. The Connection      Grade: B
  70. Closer to the Moon      Grade: B
  71. Mad Max: Fury Road      Grade: B
  72. Aloha      Grade: B
  73. The Road Within      Grade: B-
  74. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck     Grade: B-
  75. Love at First Fight      Grade: B-
  76. Black Souls      Grade: B-
  77. We Are Still Here      Grade: B-
  78. The Film Critic      Grade: B-
  79. Nightingale      Grade: B-
  80. Pitch Perfect 2      Grade: B-
  81. Sinatra: All or Nothing at All      Grade: C+
  82. White God      Grade: C+
  83. Wild Horses      Grade: C+
  84. Insidious: Chapter 3      Grade: C+
  85. Poltergeist      Grade: C+
  86. A Little Chaos       Grade: C+
  87. Aloft      Grade: C
  88. Child 44      Grade: C
  89. Clouds of Sils Maria      Grade: C
  90. Tomorrowland        Grade: C
  91. Testament of Youth      Grade: C
  92. The Stranger      Grade: C-
  93. Sisterhood of Night      Grade: C-
  94. Apartment Troubles      Grade: C-
  95. Nightmare      Grade: C-
  96. Warren      Grade: D
  97. Just Before I Go      Grade: D
  98. Hot Pursuit      Grade: D
  99. San Andreas      Grade: D
  100. Furious 7      Grade: D
  101. Area 51      Grade: D
  102. Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World      Grade: D
  103. Electric Slide      Grade: D-
  104. Monsters: Dark Continent      Grade: D-
  105. Infini      Grade: D-

Films Not Reviewed:
3 Hearts
About Elly
Anarchy Parlor
Any Day
The Apu Trilogy
Barely Lethal
Beyond the Mask
Boy Meets Girl
A Brand New You
Brotherly Love
Club Life
Dawn Patrol
The Dead Lands
Desert Dancer
Dior and I
Echoes of War
Effie Gray
Far From Men
Far From the Madding Crowd
The Farewell Party
Felix and Meira
Gemma Bovary
The Girl is in Trouble
Grey Gardens
Heaven Knows What
The Human Centipede III
The Hunting Ground
I Am Big Bird
In the Name of My Daughter
Into the Grizzly Maze
Lambert and Stamp
Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant
The Last Time You Had Fun
Laugh Killer Laugh
Little Boy
The Longest Ride
Madame Bovary
The Mafia Only Kills in Summer
Marfa Girl
Monkey Kingdom
Ned Rifle
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
Phantom Halo
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence
Pound of Flesh
Private Number
Saint Laurent
La Sapienza
The Seven Five
Skin Trade
Spike Island
The Squeeze
Sunshine Superman
United Passions
What Happened, Miss Simone?
When Marnie Was There
Where Hope Grows
Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman
The Yes Men are Revolting

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