Monday, December 28, 2015

Best of 2015 by Genre

In case my Best Films of 2015 list is too overwhelming, or your taste is different than mine, I've categorized my favorite films to help you zone in on the genres you like best. You're welcome.

Best Films Likely to be Nominated for an Academy Award
  1. Room    Grade: A+
  2. The Revenant      Grade: A+
  3. Sicario      Grade: A+
  4. The Martian      Grade: A
  5. Brooklyn      Grade: A
  6. Steve Jobs      Grade: A
  7. Spotlight      Grade: A
  8. The Big Short      Grade: A
  9. Black Mass      Grade: A
  10. Truth      Grade: A
  11. Creed      Grade: A
  12. Bridge of Spies      Grade: A-
  13. Trumbo      Grade: A-

Best Comedy
  1. While We're Young      Grade: A
  2. The Overnight      Grade: A
  3. Man Up      Grade: A
  4. Sleeping with Other People      Grade: A
  5. Welcome to Me      Grade: A
  6. Break Point      Grade: A-
  7. Ted 2      Grade: A-
  8. Trainwreck      Grade: A-
  9. Entourage      Grade: A-
  10. Mortdecai      Grade: B+
  11. Vacation      Grade: B+
  12. The Wedding Ringer      Grade: B+
  13. Hot Tub Time Machine 2      Grade: B+
  14. Wet Hot American Summer (Netflix)      Grade: B+
  15. Daddy's Home      Grade: B+

Best Romantic Comedy
  1. Man Up      Grade: A
  2. Sleeping with Other People     Grade: A
  3. Playing it Cool      Grade: A-
  4. The Rewrite      Grade: B+

Best Romantic Drama

  1. 5 to 7        Grade: A+
  2. Brooklyn        Grade: A

Best Sci-Fi
  1. Ex Machina      Grade: A
  2. The Martian      Grade: A
  3. Jurassic World      Grade: A
  4. Predestination      Grade: A
  5. Time Lapse      Grade: A
  6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens      Grade: A
  7. El Incidente      Grade: B+
  8. Terminator Genisys      Grade: B+

Best Horror
  1. It Follows      Grade: A
  2. Let Us Prey      Grade: A-
  3. Maggie      Grade: A-
  4. Bound to Vengeance      Grade: A-
  5. Digging Up the Marrow      Grade: B+
  6. Cooties      Grade: B+
  7. Unfriended      Grade: B+
  8. The Final Girls      Grade: B+
  9. Bloodsucking Bastards      Grade: B
  10. Goodnight Mommy      Grade: B

Best Thriller
  1. The Treatment        Grade: A
  2. The 11th Hour (a.k.a. I Am Here)       Grade: A
  3. No Escape       Grade: A
  4. The Gift       Grade: A-
  5. Survivor      Grade: B+

Best Mystery
  1. The Loft       Grade: A
  2. Every Secret Thing      Grade: A
  3. Secret in Their Eyes      Grade: A-
  4. Wild Canaries      Grade: B+

Best Action
  1. Kingsman: The Secret Service      Grade: A+
  2. Jurassic World      Grade: A
  3. No Escape      Grade: A
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens      Grade: A
  5. Sicario      Grade: A+
  6. Big Game      Grade: A-

Best Emotional Dramas
  1. Room      Grade: A+
  2. Gabriel      Grade: A+

Best Coming of Age
  1. Brooklyn        Grade: A
  2. Diary of a Teenage Girl        Grade: A
  3. Paper Towns        Grade: B+
  4. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl        Grade: B+

Best Benicio del Toro / Drug Cartel Films
  1. Sicario      Grade: A
  2. Escobar: Paradise Lost      Grade: A

Best Film Involving Mental Illness or Addiction
  1. Gabriel      Grade: A+
  2. I Smile Back      Grade: B+
  3. Hungry Hearts      Grade: B+
  4. Infinitely Polar Bear      Grade: B+

Best Boxing Films
  1. Southpaw      Grade: A
  2. Creed      Grade: A

Best Films Involving Investigative Journalism
  1. Spotlight      Grade: A
  2. Truth      Grade: A

Best Films About Cults
  1. Faults      Grade: A
  2. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief      Grade: A

Best Films for Social Psych Majors
  1. The Stanford Prison Experiment      Grade: A
  2. Experimenter      Grade: A-

Best Films about the 2008 Financial Crisis
  1. The Big Short      Grade: A
  2. 99 Homes      Grade: A

Best Crime Films
  1. Black Mass      Grade: A
  2. Legend      Grade: A-
  3. Victoria      Grade: A-
  4. Criminal Activities      Grade: A-
  5. True Story      Grade: A-

Best Western
  1. The Keeping Room      Grade: A-
  2. The Salvation      Grade: A-
  3. Bone Tomahawk      Grade: A-
  4. Slow West      Grade: B+

Best Spy Films
  1. Kingsman: The Secret Service      Grade: A+
  2. Spectre      Grade: A-
  3. Bridge of Spies      Grade: A-
  4. Spy      Grade: A-
  5. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation      Grade: B+

Best Films about Gambling
  1. Mississippi Grind      Grade: A
  2. Wild Card      Grade: B+

Best Film about Con Artists
  1. Focus      Grade: A

Best Film about the War on Terror
  1. Good Kill      Grade: A

Best Zombie Films
  1. Maggie      Grade: A-
  2. Cooties      Grade: B+
  3. Zombeavers      Grade: B

Best Films Like Seeing a Broadway Play
  1. Match      Grade: A
  2. Steve Jobs       Grade: A
  3. The Primary Instinct      Grade: A-

Best Films for Septuagenarians
  1. Grandma      Grade: A
  2. Danny Collins      Grade: A
  3. 5 Flights Up       Grade: A-
  4. I'll See You in My Dreams      Grade: A-
  5. A Walk in the Woods      Grade: A-
  6. Youth      Grade: B+
  7. Grace and Frankie (Netflix)      Grade: B+

Best Foreign Language Film
  1. The Treatment      Grade: A
  2. Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor     Grade: A-
  3. Victoria      Grade: A-
  4. El Incidente      Grade: B+
  5. 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared      Grade: B+
  6. The Second Mother      Grade: B+
  7. Goodnight Mommy      Grade: B

Best Documentary
  1. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst  (HBO)      Grade: A+
  2. Batkid Begins      Grade: A
  3. Where to Invade Next      Grade: A
  4. Very Semi-Serious  (HBO)      Grade: A
  5. Thought Crimes  (HBO)      Grade: A
  6. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief  (HBO)      Grade: A
  7. Best of Enemies     Grade: A-
  8. Do I Sound Gay?      Grade: A-
  9. The Immortalists      Grade: A-
  10. Deep Web     Grade: B+
  11. An Honest Liar      Grade: B+
  12. Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere      Grade: B+
  13. Brand: A Second Coming      Grade: B+
  14. I Am Chris Farley      Grade: B+
  15. Listen to Me Marlon      Grade: B+
  16. The Wolfpack      Grade: B+

Best Ensemble
  1. Spotlight      Grade: A
  2. Ex Machina      Grade: A
  3. Bone Tomahawk      Grade: A-
  4. The Hateful Eight      Grade: A-
  5. Wet Hot American Summer  (Netflix)      Grade: B+
  6. Match       Grade: A
  7. Kingsman: The Secret Service      Grade: A+
  8. The Big Short      Grade: A

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