Thursday, December 31, 2015

Worst Films of 2015

For some reason, people tend to enjoy negative reviews.  They just love calling out bad movies. Maybe it's a sense of "sticking it to the man". Or maybe it's a type of Schadenfreude.   I can't say.   But the fact is that my Worst Films posts often receive a relatively large amount of page views.   But, a few caveats:
  • Like most people, I try to avoid seeing bad movies.  So some of the most criticized movies of the year may not appear here simply because I haven't seen them.
  • I realize you probably haven't heard of most of these movies, as most of them were film festival fare (some of which are quite popular among festival programmers and attendees for some reason?!)  So I've formatted the wide releases you may have heard of in green
  1. Xenia     Grade: F
  2. Wolfcop      Grade: F
  3. Tangerine      Grade: D-
  4. Western      Grade: D-
  5. Infini      Grade: D-
  6. The Creeping Garden      Grade: D-
  7. Electric Slide      Grade: D-
  8. Monsters: Dark Continent      Grade: D-
  9. The Visit       Grade: D-
  10. Just Jim      Grade: D-
  11. Uncle John      Grade: D
  12. 7 Chinese Brothers      Grade: D
  13. Funny Bunny      Grade: D
  14. A Wonderful Cloud      Grade: D
  15. The Russian Woodpecker      Grade: D
  16. Rock the Kasbah      Grade: D
  17. Love      Grade: D
  18. Hellions     Grade: D
  19. The Gallows      Grade: D
  20. Cartel Land      Grade: D
  21. Meru      Grade: D
  22. Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World      Grade: D
  23. Area 51      Grade: D
  24. [REC] 4: Apocalypse      Grade: D
  25. Pod     Grade: D
  26. All the Wilderness     Grade: D
  27. Chappie     Grade: D
  28. Furious 7      Grade: D
  29. San Andreas      Grade: D
  30. Serena      Grade: D
  31. The Gunman      Grade: D
  32. Preservation      Grade: D
  33. Hot Pursuit      Grade: D
  34. Just Before I Go      Grade: D
  35. Warren      Grade: D
  36. The Editor      Grade: D+
  37. Queen of Earth      Grade: D+
  38. Jafar Panahi's Taxi      Grade: D+
  39. The Mend     Grade: D+
  40. The Nightmare      Grade: C-
  41. Nightlight      Grade: C-
  42. Apartment Troubles      Grade: C-
  43. Bare      Grade: C-
  44. Captive      Grade: C-
  45. The Danish Girl      Grade: C-
  46. Sisterhood of Night      Grade: C-
  47. The Stranger      Grade: C-
  48. Unfinished Business      Grade: C-
  49. Testament of Youth      Grade: C
  50. A Dog Named Gucci      Grade: C
  51. Guilty      Grade: C
  52. Divergent: Insurgent      Grade: C
  53. Hits      Grade: C
  54. Veronika Decides to Die      Grade: C
  55. Fifty Shades of Grey      Grade: C
  56. The Boy Next Door      Grade: C
  57. Tomorrowland      Grade: C
  58. The Visit (Documentary)      Grade: C
  59. Air      Grade: C
  60. Blackhat     Grade: C
  61. Unexpected      Grade: C
  62. Clouds of Sils Maria      Grade: C
  63. Jupiter Ascending      Grade: C
  64. Alien Outpost     Grade: C
  65. The Hive     Grade: C
  66. The Ridiculous 6      Grade: C
  67. Child 44     Grade: C
  68. American Ultra     Grade: C
  69. Aloft      Grade: C
  70. The Good Dinosaur     Grade: C
  71. Don Verdean     Grade: C
  72. In the Heart of the Sea     Grade: C
  73. Fantastic Four      Grade: C
  74. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials     Grade: C
  75. A Little Chaos     Grade: C+
  76. The Wannabe      Grade: C+
  77. Poltergeist      Grade: C+
  78. Insidious: Chapter 3      Grade: C+
  79. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel     Grade: C+
  80. Dixieland      Grade: C+
  81. The World Made Straight     Grade: C+
  82. Suffragette     Grade: C+
  83. Lady in the Van     Grade: C+
  84. Wild Horses     Grade: C+
  85. Sinatra: All or Nothing at All    Grade: C+
  86. Out of the Dark    Grade: C+
  87. Taken 3    Grade: C+
  88. Kung Fu Elliot    Grade: C+
  89. Closer to God      Grade: C+
  90. One & Two     Grade: C+
  91. The Infinite Man     Grade: C+

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