Thursday, September 21, 2017


Stronger Poster

It must be fall because the "serious" pictures are starting to come out, fresh from Telluride, Venice, and Toronto.  And what would the awards season be like without at least one movie about someone seriously hurt, and their inspirational struggle to overcome it?

The always amazing Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Jeff Bauman, a real man who tragically lost his legs during the terrorist bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon.  And we all know that attack was truly a tragedy for many people in Boston that day.  One can only imagine how hard it is to lose one's legs in an instant.  But thanks to Hollywood, and their limited arsenal of stories, one doesn't have to.  You can see Born on the Fourth of July, Coming Home, Forrest Gump, Me Before You, or probably any other number of films covering a similar story.  And that's the problem.  Been there, done that.  Not that I'm taking what happened to this man lightly, because I'm not.  I'm just reviewing this particular movie.  And this particular movie doesn't really bring anything fresh to the table other than another strong performance by Gyllenhaal and a love story with Tatiana Maslany from 'Orphan Black'.

Grade: B-

Who is this movie for?  If you're into inspirational true stories of people who overcome tremendous hardships, you will like it.  For me it felt like the Lifetime movie of the week, and a blatant attempt to score awards nominations.

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