Friday, October 27, 2017

The Florida Project

The Florida Project Poster

Every once in a while a film that I wasn't expecting to care much about blows me away.  The Florida Project is one of those films.  

The Florida Project follows a six year old girl living in an Orlando motel with her mother who is barely getting by, and their day to day experiences at the motel with all of the other "hidden homeless" residents and employees.  With mainly inexperienced and first time actors, and filmed on a microbudget, it seemed like just another indie that will come and go and soon be forgotten.  But this one is truly mesmerizing.  All the performances are among the best I've seen this year.  We'll surely be hearing a lot about six year old Brooklynn Prince come awards season, because her performance is better than most experiences adult actors.  Same goes for first time actor Bria Vinaite who plays her mom.  And Willem Dafoe, the resident acting veteran of the cast, gives one of the best performances of the year.  This is truly a standout film and you should definitely go see it.

Grade: A+

Who is this movie for?  Everyone.  Take a break from the big budget Hollywood assembly line stuff and see something different.

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